Am I pregnant? …Testing Times

Am I pregnant? How and where do I get a test?

You don’t have to take a pregnancy test, you can just do absolutely nothing and wait for six months and see if your trousers fit or don’t fit.

Pregnancy test at the doctor

In the UK this is not only free but it’s the most accurate testing experience you’ll get. It might seem a bit terrifying if you’re not used to seeing a doctor but, trust us, they are not there to judge you. They literally take an oath to do the best for you as a patient. They will have seen this all before and their top priority will be to give you the info you’re asking for. Appointments are private and they can give you honest answers about your specific health needs.

It was my first time going to a doctor on my own, even calling to make the appointment was scary. And the doctor who knew me my whole life, knew my family, I was scared to tell him. But he just got on with it, he just talked really calmly to me

You might have to wait a little while to get an appointment and some doctors may not test you straight away so you’d need to visit or call in to get results.

If you are pregnant, you will have to see a doctor anyway. Might as well get started at the test stage and this way they can give you immediate access to info about health provision and your options. If you’re not pregnant, you can talk about contraception options to spare yourself from this situation in the future.

Home pregnancy test

They’re much more affordable than they used to be and it’s a lot easier than the science experiment test tubes previous generations of women had to fumble about with. They still involve wee. You will require access to a bathroom – preferably one with a bit of privacy . They’re reasonably accurate and you’ll get an answer pretty much straight away. Important to remember that you can get false negative results, so a test could tell you you’re not pregnant but it could be wrong. If you still don’t get a period or if you’re still worried then you should get yourself to a doctor.

I was trying to read the instructions and figure out if it mattered how much wee I did but my sister was hammering on the door yelling at me to get out the bathroom

If you’re not pregnant then take this as a sign that you need to check your contraception, you need to use a method that you trust and that works for you.

Doing nothing

This is no kind of solution. You’re leaving yourself with stress and worry that you just don’t need. Maybe your period will arrive all by itself, but those days and days of waiting are just creating angst that you don’t need. You can get an answer cheaply and quickly from a doctor or a home test.

If you are pregnant, the option of ignoring it is not going to help you. You potentially risk your health, the baby’s health and you also risk limiting your options. You need information and choices and you can start getting those when you have a proper answer. Help yourself out, just get a test done and then you can get on with your life.

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