What the hell do they think they’re looking at?

Around about the time you start having a little baby belly and wearing maternity clothes you might notice some glances being thrown in the direction of your stomach. Complete strangers looking right at you, not even trying to be subtle. And their face says it all, they’ve already gone full judge and jury about you being one of Those Teenage Mothers. They’ve read the teen mother stories in newspapers for years and they’ve already decided that you’re destined to do a terrible job.

Some woman just kept on talking about teen mums being parasites, standing right next to me. Looking right at me. I just walked around a corner and cried on my own

They might talk really loudly about you as if you can’t hear them. They might be very rude. Some people have no manners, but that doesn’t mean you have to drop down to their level. This isn’t going to go away, so it’s time to Michelle Obama your way through…

1) Nobody ever changed someone’s mind by yelling at them. Whether you like it or not, you represent all teenage mothers now and the kind of fool who thinks it’s okay to judge people is, sadly, also the kind of fool who’ll act like they’ve won a prize if they get a negative reaction from you. Ignore them and wrap every one of your successes around you like a magic cape and carry on living your own lovely little life.

2) This rudeness says more about them then it ever could about you. Isn’t it adorable that they haven’t got anything else to talk about? How sweet that they haven’t learned how to behave properly. Marvellous miracle that they’ve got this far in life without knowing any manners. Applaud them and congratulate yourself on working to live a better life.

3) You don’t owe them anything. Walk by, move on, stride forward.

I’m doing exactly what I need to do. I’m trying my hardest to do a great job and I just hate how people stare like I’m their problem

You cannot control how other people act, and there are hundreds of better things for you to spend your energy on than trying to educate rude people. The best revenge is living well so hold your head high and put your efforts into giving out the positive attitude that you’d like to get for yourself.

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