I’m scared I might be pregnant

Your period hasn’t come. You can’t remember when it was due, a couple of weeks, a month? Two months? You’re prodding your stomach from time to time and maybe you’re pretty sure that you’ve got PMS today and this will all have been worry about nothing. Do you feel sick and tired because you were out last night or is this morning sickness already?

We know this feeling. Bargaining with your own body and every higher power out there: “Just give me a period. No pregnancy. Please.” Days later …still no period. Sleep is difficult and you’re irritable with everyone (and still holding on that this might be PMS).

I kept taking really hot baths, think I’d read somewhere that it might get rid of a baby. Of course, it was stupid and it didn’t do anything

This is a Yes/No question – you’re pregnant or you aren’t. There’s loads of info about getting a test done <here> and once you’ve got the actual answer you can start dealing with that.

The earlier you have an answer, the more options you have. Talking to someone about it is the very first step – when it comes to possibly being pregnant, silence is not golden.

Talk to someone about it. There’s always someone. A friend, a parent, a sibling, an aunt, a doctor. If you need to practice how to talk about it then call a helpline – they’ll listen and you’ll find you can say things honestly without the worry of upsetting them. Rehearsing what you’re going to say like this is really helpful, not only does it make you more confident in what you’re saying it but it helps to come to terms with what is, or isn’t, happening to you.

What’s holding you back? Not knowing what to say? Fear that talking about it makes it more real? The embarrassment of having to admit that you’ve had sex? Protecting people from being upset or worried? And maybe you’re scared of them being angry, disappointed, over-reacting or punishing you. Or maybe you’re ashamed.

I felt like, as long as I didn’t talk about it I could act like it wasn’t happening. I knew the test didn’t change whether it was real but I just took ages to get around to taking one

Keep some perspective. We’ll be honest with you: this might change things. It could change how people see you and how they treat you but you need support, you get to put yourself and your well-being first. You should also give the people around you the opportunity to surprise you with how amazingly supportive they can be. They’ll be shocked and they might need some time to process the information but they should want to be there for you. Talking to someone is the start of allowing them to help you. And that’s definitely worthwhile.

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